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  GOTV Calls

Answering machine feature gives you the ability to contact voters in a more personal manner. Our advanced technology gives you the option to record several messages and determine which to play to a live answer and which to leave on an answering machine. This capability allows a more standardized message to be played to a live answer and a more personal sounding message to be left on an answering machine (when it is played back it will sound like you left the message personally).

Branching capabilities allow you to target each voter on your list with specific questions applicable to them. With the use of response-driven branching, you will only ask respondents relevant questions. By using the highest in telephony technology, you have the ability to screen voter responses and re-direct questions based on their selection.

“Press 1” Transfer calls give voters the ability to respond immediately to your message by volunteering their time and resources, requesting more information or even that a yard sign be sent to their home for display. This technique has also been effective in promoting or putting a stop to legislation. Constituents who are encouraged to act on your message, can be transferred to a live operator to complete their request.

Premier offers extremely competitive pricing with unmatched quality.

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