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Polling and surveys
Evaluating and responding to public opinion is critical to building a long lasting relationship with your constituents and staying ahead of your opponents. Use automated polling to impact your constituents on various topics of interest and better understand the perspective of potential voters. You have the ability to target individuals based on demographics or geographic location and provide real time, analyzed and cross-tabbed results for you to view.

Below are a few examples of popular polling methods:

  • A citizen survey is a variation of opinion polling in which residents of a specific region are questioned to determine their viewpoint on issues regarding their local community, government, and political issues.
  • An opinion poll is used to determine the perspective of a particular survey sample. The responses from this sample are then applied to the larger population within statistical parameters. Results from an opinion poll can be used to help a candidate determine which of his values to emphasize in his campaign.
  • A push poll is a polling technique designed to persuade respondents to adopt a particular view under the pretense of conducting a poll. The entity conducting the poll often refers to negative aspects of a particular opponent or policy in order to influence the view of the poll respondent.
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