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1. Upload Phone List
Simply upload your phone list, no matter what size.
2. Record a Message
Call our toll free number to record your message.
3. Be Heard
You will reach your audience in an extremely timely and cost effective fashion.
4. View Reports
View detailed reports that allow you to maximize the value of each campaign.

The service we provide is a robust Dialing Platform that empowers you to reach your constituents using some of the following techniques:

Easy campaign set-up
Get your automated message out now! Our user-friendly system allows you to create your profile, upload a call list, record a message, and set up your call session in a matter of minutes.

Manage multiple campaigns
Record multiple messages and upload numerous call lists for easy future access. Manage current automated dialing campaigns and plan future campaigns in advance with the touch of a button.

Control dialing speeds
Manage the speed at which your auto calls are completed. For example, you could choose to dial 100,000 numbers within 1 hour or spread out the calls over 1 day.

Real-time campaign statistics
Our user-friendly software allows you to view real-time results as your automated calls are going out. You can view these results on our dialing website or download them to an excel file for your records.

High volume campaigns
Our servers give you the capability to make over 10 million automated calls daily. By reserving this capacity in-house, we provide you with reliability and consistency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our pricing is very competitive and our reputation is impeccable. There are no monthly services charges or set-up fees.

No outsourcing
Because we own all our servers, you can rest assured that your automated dialing campaign will always go out on time and never be rejected due to a shortage of capacity.

Security of our servers is 24/7/365 by Network Operations Center (NOC). Digital surveillance cameras monitor activity 24 hours a day.

Features - Our software brings you the latest in high quality telephony technology by offering such features as:

Branching capabilities give you the ability to ask questions that are applicable to specific clients. For instance, you can ask a screening question, and a specific question will follow depending on the client’s response.

Answering machine feature gives you the ability to reach your audience in a more personal way. When your client or employee listens to the message recorded in your voice, it will sound like you made the call personally.

Press 1 transfer calls can enhance the effectiveness of your automated dialing efforts by allowing a customer to confirm or cancel an appointment, confirm interest in research participation, or even be transferred to a live operator for more information or to sign up for a new product or service.

Premier offers extremely competitive pricing with unmatched quality.

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